Our Company is part of a multiactivity group of companies with interests in both manufacturing and trading in the fields of plastics, metals, paper biotechnology etc.

Our company specialises in the moulding of thermoplastic componets for use in the Industrial, Engineering and Packaging sectors.

Our list of customers includes many leading multinationals and Indian Corporation with whom we have developed long term business realtionships based on our policy of providing excellent service and high quality products.

We have fully automatic computerised machines with a vast range of special features like unscrewing, core pulling, multipoint parison control etc.

We use a diverse range of bothe commodity and engineering thermoplastics and are familiar with design and moulding characteristics of most of them.

Our raw materials are bought directly from the manufacturers and as such supplies are regular and quality is consistent. As a result of our long term relationship with our European suppliers, we have access to their laboratories and the necesssary technical advice as required.

Our plant is managed by a team of qualified engineer's who assure products of the highest quality.

We have inhouse tool room facilities for designing, prototyping and producing both products and moulds. We use high quality tool steels which are hardened, ground and chromed for our mould working parts, leading to longer mould life and better part quality, especially for multi cavity moulds.

We are an award winning unit and have received awards from the Govt. of India. We have a well developed system of quality control and we also work closely with our customers to jointly develop AQL leverls for part quality.

Our Facilities include :

Injection Moulding : Fully automatic computer contrlled machines with facilities such as hydraulic ejectors, core pulling, unscrewing devices etc.

Blow Moulding : Fully automatic machies with facilities for angular neck caliberation, auto deflashing, dual/triple parison heads with multipoint parison controllers.

Mould making : Integrated inhouse facility design and development of injection and blow moulds for prototyping and production.

Decoration : Machines for pad and screen printing.

Design & Prototyping : Facilities for product design, industrial mockups and prototype production trials.


As a result of our constant exercise towards product upgradation and introduction of new technologies. we are aligned with the following international companies for the marketing and eventual manufacture of their products in india.

i. SAR SPA Pumps, Sprays and Dispensers
ii. A.M. RAMP & CO.GmbH RUCO Brand of inks for printing on plastics.